Womens Self Defense

Training women of today to face the challenges of tomorrow.
Empowering women to a life of dignity & self respect through self defense.

Self Defense training is imparted free of cost at the center to all women.

Every girl/woman who enrolls with the center, is entitled to our 1 month training program, free of cost, for further training one has to reapply. (Admission is subject to availability and is on first come first serve basis, Rights of admission & expulsion are reserved with the AKKI-WSDC Director & Chief instructor)

The Womens Self Defense Center -WSDC is a 5000 sq feet, air conditioned state of the art self defense & martial arts training gym, in the heart of Mumbai, located at Andheri Sports complex, its the only center of its kind in India, Initiated,supported & endorsed by Shri Aaditya Thackeray & Akshay Kumar

What will you learn at the WSDC

To Kick ,punch, use elbows, knees, head butts, fight one or several opponents, close quarters combat, and defenses against knives, sticks guns, you will also learn how to make household stuff into deadly weapons.

The self defense program at WSDC has been developed taking into consideration the short comings of traditional martial-arts, the program is time tested, and obsolete techniques are discarded.

What makes this program unique is its study and use of pressure points (weak links) in the human anatomy, techniques specifically designed, to target, easy to reach pressure points, produce devastating results, if used, relatively little or no strength is required to use these techniques, making them ideal for children, women and the elderly.

The training is situation oriented and not Dojo-Gym based, you are trained and tested not only in a class-studio, but also at all those places where one is most likely to be attacked, eg. Empty parking lots, elevators, staircases, dark alleys etc, the timing of the training is also different. For the successful completion of the program, one needs to complete an obstacle course, which takes the trainee through several situations of attacks at various locations.

This type of Adrenaline induced stress response training or AISRT, bolster ones confidence for real life challenges.

The success of this program lies in its curriculum, and strategies which cover all aspects of basic armed and unarmed combat against individuals and mobs, while keeping in mind the time, strength and fitness constraints of individuals.